Monday, May 14, 2012

Bird Spa Tales

Don't know about all the n-star spas  in the nation's capital frequented by those who treat water,money,time,power and so on on the same footing, and expend lots of it.  But there is a great bird spa in Delhi, with an amazing ambiance, amidst fruit and flower fragrances, sun dappled trees and fluttering leaves, and assorted spa tubs placed in strategic places .

It is visited by all, including the posh and the carefree and the middle class types. The brown headed Barbets represent the last category, and are just totally wide eyed about what they have discovered.

The owner of the Spa is a  Papparazzi called, what else, Sangeeta !

The Sangeet Bird Spa
the first of its kind
in the Capital.

Mr and Mrs Tailorbird
couldn't praise it enough
lauding the
pervading tomato and jasmine fragrance...

The typical male
Asian Koel,
well entrenched amidst the greens,
watched avidly
as the
Oriental White eye
her wet clinging feathers
till the
Laughing Dove noticed him
and stopped laughing...

Of course
the posh
Rose ringed parakeets
and the
Red vented Bulbul,
veterans of other spas
as if they go to spas
all the time,
this was just another one.

But we Brown headed Barbets
are a bit middle class,
like to enjoy
these spa baths
by ourselves,
but never knew that
there is a Paparazzi
lurking around here
all the time,
and whats more
publishing our bath pictures on FB !

Sha! Waise I've seen some films.
aaj kaal ke logon ko kuch sharam hi nahi lagti
safed sadi pehenke, waterfall ke niche
photo kheechte hain...

Would you leave ?
I so need to have a bath.....


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Nisha! The bird's expression was just too funny !

  2. This watering hole for the birds has been my favorite thing to watch for a long time now...your poetry makes it more enjoyable for me..
    Wonderful as always.

    1. Sangeeta, thank you ! I end up learning the names of various birds this way ! Isnt that nice !