Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Bozoical rap on the knuckles

He's back ! Bozo, Mumbai's only dog-with-his-own-blog returns again, this time to comment on what a Dog's Life is. 

Summer is often a season for holding interesting series of free public talks and stuff, in more enterprising places like Pune, where they are currently hosting something called "Vasant Vyakhyanmala", initiated in 1875, by none other than Justice Mahadev Govind Ranade, the same person, who is seen defying society and encouraging women's education and sensible integration into daily life in the currently very popular Marathi TV serial  " Unch Majha Jhoka !" (Literally, "I fly high").   The serial  is based on the then prevalent custom of child marriage.

I think Bozo has been watching this serial.  He understands it. And he has something to say.......Naturally , his mentor , Magiceye,  immediately captured that ....

Seriously, no.

I did not pose for this photo;
(and some say
I look like a statesman
in this )
But I do
spend a lot of time
just thinking about things
as a senior..

Where I come from,
the kids,
girls and boys alike
don't hang on to their mother's tail,
are on their own
almost from day 5,
and somewhere in my
wild early youth,
my Amembal family
took me
to their homes and heart
as their very own.

I am sure,
my sister,
like my friend Luci,
in Thiruvananthapuram,
was similarly lucky too.

I often sit at Deepak's feet
watch TV along with him,
and am aghast
to see that
folks who should
have better sense,
don't like girl babies,
sometimes don't allow them to be born,
sometimes kill them at birth,
and should they even live,
then they
destroy their lives
for ego and money
when they are older.

We dogs are not like this,
it's fashionable
for some folks
to shake their coiffeured heads
in air conditioned splendour
and say
"It's a Dog's life ! "......

Like I was telling Luci
who shook her head
and said ,
"It's a Lady Human life.....
I want no part of it..."

Look into my eyes , folks!
And listen !
I'll tell you what a
Proud Dog's life is....


  1. Ha ha ha! If only humans were as noble as Bozo and Luci! No wonder Luci wants no part of it!

    Suranga, these are disturbing visions of humanity reflected through canine eyes. Hope you put all of them together in a volume and publish them for wider understanding.

  2. Indeed, Bozo is right as always. I echo Deepak and say, "Brilliant!" :)
    Luci says "Terima Kasih" :)