Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bozoical thoughts on Education

Bozo, Mumbai's only dog-with-his-own-blog is hugely excited.  The child of the house who rescued him from an unforgiving life on the streets, is coming home on a holiday!

Naturally, Bozo looks back, at growing up with the child, and thinks of the wonderful days. Both of them have had different types of education, and  have moved on and they take great pride in each other.

He waits , breathlessly in the balcony,  in anticipation, of a familiar voice and figure , and his mentor Magiceye, simply clicked the anticipation in the eyes... 

(On a side note, Bozo is just grateful he didn't attend Mumbai University , with all the things appearing in the papers these days....)

A lot of folks think
I don't understand
because I never went to school.

We chaps,
have a built in Right To Education(RTE)
and thankfully,
do not need Parliament
to sit , argue and  fight about
SSA (Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan)
we fellows think
is actually,
SSA (Some Straight Answers)....

I have had a holistic education,
with no examinations and degrees
English, Konkani and Marathi
in realtime,
with the related actions.

I simply hear and I understand...

Life events
unfold around me
and I watch.

A special interest
in the child
who brought me home,
grew up,
and then went on
to seek new horizons,
now on the way home.

I've been out with Deepak
to stock up on mangoes,
I've heard phone calls
discussing the arrival,
and I have,
despite the doctor's advice,
bounded around here and there
behind folks
for the homecoming...

There's joy in the air,
stuff happening
in the kitchen;
folks on the phone,
beaming smiles.

the excitement is too much,
and I do mess up
wagging my tail furiously....

But we dogs
have learnt to wag tails
instead of tongues,
if someone
gets angry with us,
didn't someone say
"To err is Human, to forgive, Canine ?"