Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tattered Lives

Sometimes you see amazing photos on FB that inspire you. Sometimes thanks to friends of friends.  One such,  is by someone who calls himself Durgesh Unpredictable.  And he calls his photos as  "  "i" (eye?) photographs "........

At first I thought this was a map of some sort. Then i realized it was a leaf, probably living out its Vanaprasthashram in a very traumatic way.

It inspired a poem in Marathi (The King's language :-)) 

The translation in the Queen's language follows ......

 (photo by Durgesh Unpredictbale)
कुणा एका आयुष्याचा हा नकाशा ,

एके काळची गार हिरवाई ,
आज एखाद्या राड्यातून बाहेर पडल्यासारखी,
इकडे तिकडे भोकं पडलेली;
स्वतःला सांभाळत ,
मधूनच समुद्राच्या खाडीला वळसा घालत,
त्याच्या तळाशी
मासे आणि अन्य प्राणीजनांना चकवणारी
प्लास्टिक चौकटीतली घाण बघत ,
सुस्कारा देत वर बघते ...

पांढरे स्वच्छ ,
खोटे बोलून , धर्मा धर्मात भांडणे लाउन
आपल्याच लोकात आग लाउन ,
स्वताचे खिसे भरत
बाकीच्यांना फाटके तुटके करून
लाल निखारे फुलवणारे
नेते बघून थक्क होते ....

बिचारी हिरवाई ,
स्वताहा भोवती आपल्याच फांद्या गुंडाळते
मागे फिरते ,
आणि आकाशाकडे बघत
कुणा एका पावसाळ्याची वाट बघत ,
तिष्ठत राहते ....

 Old Green memories
in tatters...

She emerges,
totally scathed,
injured and marked
through the remaining Green,
and wanders
looking for a resting spot,
traipsing around
a few bays,
inroads made
by a sea traumatised by
polluted waste
positioned to capture
innocent sea lives....

Only to look up,
and see,
far away,
on another bank,
folks with pure white looks
and blacker minds,
playing Fire-Fire
as they fan the Vote Flames,
with fans
of religion,
and lies,
a torn populace,
in the hot red embers.


She turns back,
her remnant branches
around her shoulders,
and recedes
into the remaining Green,
desperately awaiting
the arrival
of a much needed Rain.


  1. You are now fully poetic & see all things in such a marvellous creative way.

    1. Anonynous, Thank you! I really thought this was a map till I realized it was a leaf ....