Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mangifera Indica Friends

Only a dispassionate non-mango eater can look at a photo like this and ruminate instead of eat.

Most folks whose photos inspire poetry (on this blog), are possibly currently imbibing the fruit of the season with such relish, that they forget to share some with their cameras.

 And, so, its Google to the rescue....

are like the
Hapoos Mango Peel,
thin, translucent,
yet so strong,
holding in all
that amazing sweetness
ready to give,
at a cutting notice...

Some are stuffed
with importance of self,
huddling their own together,
rich, and orange,
in raptures
over their own demeanour,
leaning on the poor seed ,
wondering inside.

And Some
are like the
never acknowledged,
hard working seed inside
that carries the weight
of the
good and bad deeds
of mango throughout
its life.

It all depends
on who and what
you see
in your mangoes,
 errr.... your friends....!


  1. And those tough, hard, uncomplaining, never acknowledged ones are the most abused, sucked on till the last peck of sweetness is drawn.