Monday, May 21, 2012

Fence Sitting

I live in a place which is situated between a big lake and a hill. As it happens, there is planned imposing high-rise construction on one side of the Hill, close to the lake.

If you climb to the top of the hill, besides getting a panoramic view of the area, complete with wooded areas, the technological campus, and the water supply pipes for Mumbai swerving in the distance, you also get a view , on the other side of the hill, of some high rises far away in the distance , and , closer to the hill, of the unplanned , cheek by jowl, desperate development that has taken place in creative ways, so that those that make the city run, can get a place to stay....

The hill is part of the campus, and hence fenced in some parts. 

The daughter, who is a self taught photographer, and has her own photoblog, climbed the hill yesterday, and came up with , among several others, these two captures.

Some horizontal,
some vertical,
some entangled
and chain linked

Some come
scraping up
cheek by jowl
to the foot of the hill,
and some,
blindly, rush upwards
stiff in concrete
cock a snook
at the hill
from a distance.

The intermittent trees
and wonder,
why the hill is fenced,
when the fences
are actually in the mind...


  1. but with all this developing and all soon the trees that think will also be gone for ever ..


    1. Bikram, thank you for the comment. I am very happy to tell you that on our campus the green cover has actually increased because of the strict monitoring. If u look at the other photos she took from the hill (link in the post) , you will see how the tree cover reduces once you are outside the campus. There isnt anything one can do other than educate....