Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Moon Mind

May 6,  2012,  heralded, what was called a Supermoon event. Celebrating the fact that the Moon was closest to the earth on this day.   It certainly looked HUGE in the evening sky as it emerged from behind the trees.  My FB and blogfriends, Prasad Paranjape of Pune, and Kavita Saharia of Guwahati, clicked images of the moon and posted them.

It occurred to me that the patches on the moon were no longer rabbit like as we believed in our childhood, but had taken on a more human look.

I wondered why. And then I found out. ....and drew (upon) it.

    (Photo on the left by Kavita Saharia, on the right by Prasad Paranjape, and drawings in white by me......:-).....)

While my life path
has been ordained
for milleniums,
no one really thinks
that I too
have a mind,
and I observe.

Stuck in a potholed cratered life
I crave
a green landscape,
and flowing water
with valleys of flowers
and fruits on trees...

At one point
I was all agog
when two guys in vehicles
dropped in
they simply uttered some words
about big steps ,
and took off again.

And so I watch
on my rounds
around your Earth,
and am shocked to see
how some treat young girl babies,
snuffing out a life
learned in 9 months
of safe harbor.

I also watch
greedy folks
usurp land to
create rocky monstrocities
in the name of development,
and take way
meant for gardens,
trees, flowers, fruits
and little playing children.

They say
your face mirrors your feelings.

In older days
I used to think
about rabbits and stuff,
and folks would
look at the dark patches ,
point and laugh. 

I think
about more important stuff,
like smelling the roses
and playing with kids
you can see it above;
and somefolks,
even Point and Shoot !


  1. indeed!! lovely work Suranga!!

  2. Hmmm...your imagination flies for everything, Suranga! Great.

  3. Brilliant. You never cease to amaze me.
    I love that Blue Moon.

  4. You are irrepressible, Suranga. Loved your handiwork and the lament of the moon.

  5. Thank you all, for enjoying this as much as I did !