Sunday, May 13, 2012

Her Day ......

Reposting from 2 years ago honor of the day .

Some say
a new star appears
in the sky
gazing down
in benevolence...
no longer
with us,
she is more
the Banyan tree
rooted firmly
in my yard,
in her native Earth....

Gnarled wisdom trunk
rising up
spreading in
green protection
across her children,
and their children,
and new roots,
the earthy sensible sap
absorbed and disseminated
a bit here,
a little more there,
a fine balance
various willful branches,
some old,
some carefree,
some troubled, and some new.

An understanding shelter
in life storms,
restful shade
on a burning day,
a conspiratory wink
as the neighbor ladies
wound the sacred thread
around her torso
celebrating Vatapurnima;
Bending hugely,
indulging grand kids
on her,
a glare at
a daughter
trying to impose
her avoirdupois
on a hanging root...

She isn't gone,
and she doesn't need a Day;
She stands,
brave ,
in the wind,
with her young and old,
in her folds,
a virtual hand
reassuringly resting
and patting
the troubled shoulder,
of someone,
for whom,
in Life
is Mother's Day....

Submitted for the BlogAdda Mothers Day Contest 2010 :

Winner of the BlogAdda Mother’s Day contest May 2010


  1. That is a profound tribute to Motherhood, Suranga. The last stanza struck me with a reverberating force.

  2. A mother prefers being rooted to the ground than be a shining star. Well said, Suranga!

  3. A beautiful, wonderful tribute, Suranga! Thank you for sharing!