Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cycle of Time

A common sight seen now, in the Mumbai suburbs. Cycles have always been around, but not so much in Mumbai. More so, in my childhood, in Pune. Then, almost everyone learned to cycle, and it was the preferred mode of transport for young folks. Today, in Mumbai, you can see many folks who cannot cycle, but are experts at zooming on motorized  2-wheelers.....  

Courier fellows like this one are often seen, all wrapped up in today's technology, multitasking as it were, sometimes confidently driving on the wrong side of the road.

  One such capture by my friend Magiceye, as part of his 365 Project Series.

A better road,
a similar bike,
a fellow
with a  pastel
full-sleeved shirt
pants with cuffs at the ankles
fastened with
"cycle pins"
at the shins
pedals to college,
an occasional passing
snub nosed Fiat,
college books
on the carrier seat,
and no phones,
but messages from the parents,
to return home in time,
avoid bad company etc,
ringing in the ears.....

Today roads are worse,
fellows with
pink purple tees
and jeans and pants
go on similar bikes,
working as part time
courier boys,
pedalling on the wrong side
tangling with huge Hondas,
cell phones to their ears,
messages from folks saying,
"Ate waqt, ek dazan anda leke aa.....".....

The only thing unchanged
is the Cycle of Time.....


  1. :) loved the message to bring eggs! lol!!

  2. Ek dazan anda... lol .Loved it.

  3. "Ate waqt, ek dazan anda leke aa.....".....
    What pun you have :-)