Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Place in the Sun .....

Beaches in Goa are always a source of excitement. Not just to those who delight in changing their skin color by lying on the sand, but those who hover around to watch the process, so to speak.

This crocodile arrived , possibly from the Chappora river that empties into the sea, on the Morjim beach, about 30 kms away from the capital of Panjim,  and the entire beach dynamics changed.

She too is visiting, would love to relax,  with a dip in the sea now and then, and she even smiles.

But does anyone come to watch ? No. Because everyone is terrified.

Kya Baat hai !   She has he whole beach to herself.  Without special security.    I guess she would make an excellent politician.  Just saying ....

Ah. Maybe it's a he.

(photo by local resident Nilesh Wagkar)
Popular beaches,
a rush of folks
dubbed Fair and Lovely,
waiting to stretch out
and relax
on the sand
to desperately
change the color
of their skin,
and another set
of folks
sight see in a rush
to watch the anatomies.

What a telling comment
no one rushes
to see
a dark scaled
big toothed Chappora native,
unconcerned about looks,
saunter by
to enjoy some time
comfortably stretched out
on the same sand.

I guess
some folks
are comfortable
in their own skins,
while some
that things will change
if they flaunt theirs
in the Sun......

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