Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Paise ka Sawal

Nothing tells your age , as  perfectly as currency which you used in your school days, which is no longer valid today.  And when friends post photos as if these were relics.

My friend Prasad Paranjape and his friend Vijay Patil,  just posted captures of the old paisa, and the even older "1 pice with the hole".

I have grown up using these.  Two of these 1 paisa coins (white) got you half a bhel outside Peshwe Park in Pune, and we would even share that, in those unadulterated days.  The round copper naya paisa came after 1957, when everything became decimal, and maths became easy for us school children. 

Clearly explains why we leaned more tables, like those of 16, than the current generation.  4 paisa = 1 anna, 16 annas = 1 rupee.

And as some folks go gaga over the paisa n FB, one ponders over the fate of the torn Rs 10 currency in hand ......

काही लोकं
खिश्यात क्रेडिट कार्ड,
हातात कॅमेरा,

आणि क्लिक करायला शिव्शिव्णारि बोटं
जुन्या नाण्यांच्या लेण्यात
ट्रेक ला जातात .

आणि काही लोकं
इतकी जुनी असतात
कि त्यांचे लहानपण त्या लेण्यातच
घालवलेले असतं ;
गणित करून करून
हि लोक खलास होतात ,
भोक वाला पैसा आठवत
आजच्या फाटलेल्या नोटा जपतात ,
आणि लेणी त्यांची मजा बघत
आधुनिक ट्रेकर्स न पोज देत
फेसबुक वर अंतर्धान पावतात

 Credit cards stuffed
in deep pockets,
camera in hand,
fingers itching to click,
they trek
into the
Old currency caves
to admire the
in its various avatars.

Some folks,
at having spent
a childhood
in those  wonderful
old Currency Caves,
immersed and fatigued
in rupee-anna-paisa math ,
clutch close
their current torn
currency notes,
fondly remembering
"Pice with a hole"...

All the antique "paisas"
in the currency caves,
delight in posing
for the clicking trekkers....

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