Thursday, July 23, 2015

Happiness is.......

Actually, it is mutual .   Hot comfort food, just off the fire, glowing  in anticipation, and  a  person, fantasizing about spicy morsels , full of wholesome taste, stories and memories , sliding down a throat that has been pining  and waiting for it. 

Things get even more exciting if it is winter.

Which it is, Down Under.  At the moment .

My friend , Just a Girl from Aamchi Mumbai  , to whom , home is now Australia,  waxes ecstatic about enjoying hot sambaar rice with Poppadams (papads)  , on a cold winter's day.    As she says, " The frisky Sambhar covers the very eager Rice in all its glory till they become one. And then when you crush a crunchy Poppadum on top of them, the union almost becomes complete. Your fingers bring them together in a perfect symphony and your eager mouth is more than ready to gulp down this perfection one bite at a time till your soul feels complete. If this is not heaven, what is? "

Do check out her blog here.    The photograph below by JAGFAM herself !

She sits
adorning herself
with golden slivers
of onions,
daal spots,
and a
plethora of
veggie ornaments
much in demand.

A final spray
of Sambaar Compact
and Foundation,
a winking tamarind
slipping in sideways,
and she is ready,
avidly nudging the ladle,
who has promised a meeting
with the great idol,

A slow motion arrival
a la Bollywood Films,
an impatiently steaming
agitated bhaat,
about to crib to the
papad villains,
and she falls
gently, with her veggie
maids of honor
on to the bhaat.

The great Milan,
watched by the
Papadian Villain,
who throws his lot
in with them,
"Tujhe dekha to yeh jaanaa sanam"
plays in the back ground.

A sudden shadow,
shades of Jurassic
as huge fingers appear
to grab them all.

The humans are coming!
The humans are coming!

And the papad,
having fought along with the
bhaat and sambar
nudges a devastated drumstick,
and says,
"You know,
it doesn't matter how life ends;
what matters
is how happy
you made everyone around you...."

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