Friday, July 10, 2015

Cry, the beloved cables ! केबल जगाव, पीएमसी पढाव !

If Municipalities were people (actually, come to think of it, they are), one would seriously need to question the development of their cerebral cortexes.

There is something called "eminent domain"  that defines the ability or right of public entities  to kind of suddenly take over places to conduct works for he public good.

A quick look at this happening in Sadashiv Peth Pune,  posted by my friend Prasad Paranjape,  will boggle the mind.

Someone called this a municipal art installation.    It isn't.

Reds and Greens, once the monopoly of traffic signals , leaves and  flowers,  now appear on closed doorways, pipes and sarees (not to mention singlets),  as a helpless roll of dull grey cables, is half sunk permanently into cement /concrete, under a traffic sign.

(The two fellows at work replied that a third fellow entrusted with planting something before filling a hole with mud was on leave. They were in charge of cementing. They didnt want to compromis their friend's job by doing his work, so they simply filled it with cement.


Cry, the beloved cables ......

कुणा एके काळी
लाल दिसले कि थांबायचे ,

हिरवे दिसले कि पुढे जायचे
आणि अधे मधे पाण्ढ्रट पिवळे दिसले
कि ब्रेक च्या आसपास
आपले चरणस्पर्श व्हायचे .

इस्वी सन २०१५,
आपण इतके पुढे गेलो
(हिरव्या दिव्या शिवाय)
कि सर्व रंग आता
जमिनीवर आणि भिंतीवर दिसतात ,
पांढरे सर्व खुर्चीच्या मागे लागतात
आ करून बसलेल्या केबला
अचानक अबला बनून
डोक्यावरचा ट्राफिक साईन पाळतात
आणि अडकून बसतात

मग एके दिवशी
कोणीतरी येतं , भाषण देतं ,
आणि म्हणतं ,
केबला जगाव ,
पीएमसी पढाव ,
हे सगळ पुन्हा एकदा सुरु होतं …।

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