Friday, July 24, 2015

Omelette Salsa

You never know who might be making news or headlines on a given day !

And we are certainly not talking  about folks shouting at each other in  a circular building in Lutyen's Delhi.

It really is about an Omelette Salsa being performed in Bandra, and my friend Deepak Amembal  clicking a keepsake photograph, before devouring it all himself.  The Omelette, that is.

Details of the event.  And no, these dancer  folks are not appearing in any movie.  It is simply all about performing a wonderful salsa before being  reincarnated as something else somewhere else, deep inside a human....

The whirl and the beat
of the
white and yellow,
so light
on the fork,
the chillies and onions
doing the essential twist
as they join in,
salt and pepper doing the twirl,
as they all
throw back
the shoulders
on the tawa,
hot in anticipation
of an omelette salsa.

A quick lift along the edges,
a smart turnover,
and she shines
studded a bit in hot gold
giving come hither looks
to Monsieur Pao.

The Bandra Salsa,
danced on the second beat
of the
Cheese and Coriander Music,
the Pao
watches in consternation
and she spins and turns
around an
interfering shining fork.

Another spin
as she meets the Pao,
and the ketchup
simply spills in approval.

Terence Lewis Choreography ?
It's the Amembal Salsa Academy.....

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