Thursday, July 30, 2015

Through the Hole in the Wall.....

Modern architectural wonders on technological campuses,  designed to hold complicated creators of knowledge, electronic, mechanical, and human,  often are so heat intensive, that  there are deliberate apertures created  in the  brick and mortar enclosures to let in natural air.

Sometimes, this enables a young photographer to get a more enlightened view of another wonder outside.  A Banyan Tree on the campus which simply predates, by several decades,  the architectural marvel frequented by learned biped types.

Sometimes, the architectural wonders have a sudden loss of power in life, and then the older ones have a lot to teach us.....  

 (Photograph by Pankaja Date)
it is about
selfish knowledge
digitally shining
in enclosed spaces,
of brick, mortar
glass and air;
much of it
from the sound of words,
the squeak of a mouse,
the tap pf a key
the rustle of a page
and the angry drone
of a  machine
doing desperate revolutions
and then
looking plaintively
at a round hole
willing some air to come in
and cool things down.

And again,
sometimes ,
it is about
a young plant,
slurping the sap
through its trunk,
the give and take
with everything around,
the sky, the sun,
the clouds and the soil;
growing and reveling
through so many years
in its ability
to spread wide its knowledge
through its leaves and fruit,
and enabling so many
to connect with the earth again.

No noise, no desperation,
no obsession
with appearing superior
knowledge enabled,
just a  green face
held up to a monsoon rain
realizing how good it is,
and looking on
in empathy
at the concrete chap
with the hole,
helplessly cribbing
at a power outage
in his  heart.

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