Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mind Blooms.........

Flowers blooming in various balconies of Mumbai, welcoming the monsoon, and my friend Amit Amembal  suggested that all those who click flowers,  post 3 clicks of their own to celebrate, as part of the Flower Picture Challenge. .

Another friend Nandan Tavanandi accepted the challenge, and posted a wonderful tableau  of flowers on the Kaas Plateau, near Satara , about 100 kms from Pune .

The Kaas Plateau or Pathaar, has been declared by UNESCO to be a  Biodiversity World Heritage Site, and has more than 800 different varieties of flowers , which form a "carpet" of flowers during the monsoons.

As for me, the flowers are all in the mind, and sometimes emerge as poems....

कास च्या पाठारावरची फुलं,
सर्व ऋतूंची मजा चाखतात,
कारण त्यांना कोणी
"अरे उमल रे, वेळ झाली",
"त्या शेजारच्या फुलाशी जरा बेतांनी बोल हो ,
कुठल्या झाडाचं आहे कुणाला माहित ?"
असे कधीच बोलले नाहीये.

गुच्छांमध्ये बसणारी फुलं मतलबी बनतात,
गुलाबाला बघून टरकतात,
गुलछडी च्या शेजारी उभ राहून भाव खातात ,
आणि बारीक सारीक पानांना तुच्छ लेखतात,
आणि कुठेही उभे राहायची वेळ आली
कि त्यांना सपोर्ट लागतो .....

जसं काही मुलांना
आई वडील सेलफोन देतात,
आणि आयुष्यात ही मुल
गाडीत मागे बसून नुस्ती बटणं दाबायला शिकतात
आणि मन बोथट बनवतात ...

मुलांनी कसं
कास पठारावरच्या फुलांसारखं
निरागस ,
आणि सर्व ऋतूत
आनंदाने उंच झोका घेत राहावं ! .
Blooming unrestrained
in streaks of delightful color
the flower children
at the Kaas Plateau
enjoying and thriving
life's many seasons.

No one to to remind them
"Time to bloom, folks !"
to nudge in alarm,
"Don't go overboard
in friendship
with the neighbor....
who knows
which sap
of which tree
flows freely within ?"

And those in bouquets
posing just so,
get intimidated by Roses,
then boss around over
and start rubbishing leaves,
all the while
not realizing
that they themselves
need support
to stand...

Like small kids
given cell phones
by parents
to lean back in the car
and press buttons
to get things done,
that simply dumbs
the curious mind.

One so wishes
that they be like
the flowers
of the Kaas Plateau;
brimming in the mind,
and with an urge
to fly high
when the season arrives ...

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