Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Down the Up Staircase....

My friend Slogan Murugan, has a wonderful blog called  Mumbai  Paused.  Do have a look at it. 

As everyone knows, Mumbai never pauses. For anything.

But he travels all over the city, and  posts photos on his blog, that often tell a story, and make you pause and wonder.  Like this one he clicked in Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

About the  good. The bad. And the "Chalta Hai" that the city has now become, in its unending obsession with vertical growth and all-in-one design.

And even then, the children of the city make do with what they have.  

The stairs
have such a boring life.

Pointless climbing
next to stained walls
and narrowly allowing
one prosperous type at a time
to scrape across
their squared surface,
owned as they are
by everyone as
super built up areas.

Super folks
buying super houses
with marble floors
safety doors,
modular kitchens
and personal balconies.

before resuming the climb,
the stairs stop,
and watch.

A game is in progress
in the super playgrounds
provided by the
protected , shared,
one 'carpet area' free
for the youngest one.

What did you think ?

A garden ? Nah.....

Then he wouldn't be a super builder,
just a stupid one.

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