Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Akhiyon ke Jharoke se .....

An amazing composition of a full blazing moon visible through the coconut palm leaves. By  Sandeep Unnimadhavan of Sandeep's World.

Do check out his wonderful photography  , at the links above.

Dark nights, winds rusting through the coconut plantations, heralding the monsoon  rains, showers, and sliding raindrops on the coconut palm leaves.

A quiet look up at the sky through somnolent eyelashes....

Tall, Statuesque, and green,
undulating in
a monsoon wind,
she stands,
holding the little green fruits
close to her,
tired, yet aware,
that they will
not remain with her
for long.

She prepares
to turn in
for the night,
monsoon tears
roll down her eyelashes,
as they battle
breezes .

She looks up
the half closed lashes,
to hear the Full Moon say,
"The Breeze
is a lullaby
for the young green ones,
swing with it,
don't battle it;
I must go my way,
and tomorrow
will be another wonderful day !"

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  1. lovely post and extremely honored to feature here :)