Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Golden 'Girls' .....

In  a world full of  corpulent, aging , so called powerful folks,  their doubtful legacies to the young ones around them, their greed for power regardless of ethics,  and all of them regardless of party affiliation,  showing amazing inflexibility of body, attitude and thought except when it comes to money and votes, news about Oinam Rashi Devi, aged over 75 yrs , hailing from Manipur, comes like a sudden breath of fresh air, in a compartment loaded with pushy, sweaty folks in a office time fast local to CST ....

Here she is, in action , at 75+ , during 35th National Masters Athletic Championship  in Coimbatore on February 25 2014. She came second in the long jump.

(Winner of the gold medal was another 75 year old,  retired professor Vijay Lakshmi S Nair  whose performance was equally impressive.)

Way to go, ladies !
Oinam Rashi Devi  and Vijay Lakshmi S Nair , may you jump higher, longer, and win many medals.  You are an inspiration to all of us . 

The young ones
must decide
who to "follow".

It is not as easy
as a tweet
or a click.

For some,
silver in age,
it is a life
of responsibilities,
hard work,
and practice ,dedication
and true effort,
never ignoring
those that depend on them;
a life
of reaching higher
in the mind and body.

For others,
a fake silver
in a true age,
a life of
declarations, announcements,
false assurances,
stiff and fake attitudes
that bend
only in the presence of money,
manoevered awards,
equally fake folks
paying respects to them
as wise elders


The young ones
must decide
who to "follow".

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