Monday, July 6, 2015

Greece, Reloaded.....

Two events having nothing to do with each other.  And perhaps, much to do with each other.  

Just mentioned on FB  by my friend , Sushma Varma, the youngest among all, at 84.

In a most informal,  non theoretical, non analytical, non-expert ,unstudied but  a gut psychological reaction to the Greek crisis,  one feels a bond of support with the citizens of Greece, who have voted NO in their referendum, and have decided to keep the Dada nations and international financial conglomerates from deciding their future. It is going to be hard, but they will be motivated  by their own will and not by cowtowing to Big Brother Dictats.

Simultaneously, two fellows with a solar powered designed aeroplane, decided to fly around the world.  Their plane, the Solar Impulse 2, just successfully did its longest and most dangerous leg of 4000 miles to Hawaii, over the ocean  (with no landing place in between) No fossil fuels, just solar power,  in a plane that weighs as much as a car, and has a wingspan of a boeing.  

It really is about finding a fit entity to look up to in one 's life.  That will allow you to get on with life, without itself acting superior about it.   Today, money colonizes countries, and the fight for independence must happen again.....

******Danke schön!,
Si vous s'il vous plaît,
Rogamos su atención,

jouw Eer,
Piaccia Vostra Signoria.....

This isn't what they
decided to say.
to Merkel and Co.

**όχι, χωρίς αμφιβολία,
Nein, Non, NO!

They said it,
but to the Sun.
To ήλιος,**
and Solar Impulse 2,
in Hawaii
who gave confidence
to those
supposed to be
on the brink
of economic extinction
and monetary colonization .....

****** German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian 
** Greek

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