Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mountains of your Mind

This photograph, by my friend Deepak Amembal, of two monkeys trekking and rock climbing at the Kanheri Caves in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park,in northwest Mumbai,  suddenly seemed more than relevant, since trekking in the mountains and forts  has been a new hobby recently developed  in the family.

It isn't always about physical prowess, agility and stuff.  Those who organize such treks do not only emphasize logistics, but also lay out rules that have to do with helping preserve the natural environment, not leaving trash around, and  respecting the cultural sensibilities of the rural folks who live around these place and assist you with food, shelter , directions etc. 

Unfortunately, the more we develop, the more careless we become; as is visible in such caves close to suburban Mumbai areas.

"Jumps and tails",
this group of trekkers
and climbers,
this monsoon's
trekking season.

They meet up
at Kanheri Caves, SGNP,
unconcerned with
trains, buses, jeeps,
never carry lunch,
or water, or snacks.
No backpacks,
no belts,
and no fancy shoes,
their only camera
is their eyes,
as they swiftly clamber up
the rock face,
without ladders, ropes or chains
teaching each other
by example.

A step on to the peak,
they look down,
and wonder.

Why the bipeds,
despite such a developed cortex,
never learned
to control its trash
and where it goes..

Yes. The trash.
Human and otherwise.