Thursday, April 9, 2015

2014 Inner Space Odyssey

My friend Sangeeta Khanna has the good fortune to live in a place where she can garden.  She also has the requisite knowledge of the needs of plants and humans, nutrition, traditional foods and cooking methods.   To top it all, she has green fingers, and  excellent clicking fingers.

This is a picture clicked by her a year ago , (so FB says) ,  in the part of her garden where she grows Roquette and Arugula Lettuce.

Kind of brought back memories, of  space, rockets,  machines, propellers , and things drifting silently in space.   Looked for the famous 2001 Space Odyssey music to include here, but then realized, that there is music in her name itself... 


in Green Mindspace
Fuelled by the

bees and moths
a proboscis in honey
piston powering,
as the white propellers hum.

Leaving behind
the Bokeh memories..

2014 Inner Space Odyssey

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  1. ha ha music in my name :-)
    Thank you so much Suranga.