Sunday, April 19, 2015

Shy Amaranths and Kakdi Chaats........

I never thought, I would ever be photographing food before cooking,  at least in my lifetime.

But if you end up combining unlikely ingredients , to make some strange parathas on a weekend,  you do a few clicks, just in case, the stuff, by mistake, turns out , to say the least, interesting....

A biggish bunch of Amaranth ( लाल माठ)  leaves, cooked a bit with onions, tomatoes, green chillies, grated carrorts  , garlic and ginger, a huge bunch of Matki sprouts thrown in, and the stuff made into a dough with addition of chapati flour, after suitable spicing.   A rolling out, and roasting/cooking on a flat griddle (tawa) , and the parathas happened.

The appearance of the parathas might leave much to be desired, but their demeanour and taste was interesting ......        

P. S. This was a first time recipe.  P.P.S.   The parathas are over.
Dark Amaranth leaves,
in cahoots with
fellow Caretonoids,
Carrotabai and Tomater Singh,
kind of tolerating
Onion, Mirchi sideys
and making fun
of serious
Proteina Matki Sprouts,
who have just joined in ,
for their first Paratha Outing.

A level playing field
on a impartial
non sticking tawa,
a few oily tears,
and they present themselves
on the traditional plate,
in a kind of
ghunghat covered style

They didnt know
the Kaakdi man
was going to be present
in full Dahi Chat Regalia....

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