Saturday, April 25, 2015

Paths of Life...

Velas , in Ratangiri District, along the Kokan Coast , is a small village that gained prominence due to it being the favourite place of Olive Ridley Turtles for hatching. An additional  reason was the strict discipline followed by the village folks where the environment was concerned. No indiscriminate cutting of the trees, no ambitious widening of paths to the beach for four wheelers, and a strict policy about commercial development , which has helped control proliferation of trash.

My friend Deepak Amembal who went on a motorbike trip to Velas with two friends posted this photograph.

Many such walking paths lead to the sea beach, which is very clean. The turtles know their geography. And Sociology.  Trees perceived as obstacles are not cut, but surmounted.

Just some thoughts in honor of that.

अथांग समाधानाच्या समुद्राकडे
जाणार्या वाटा ,

अनेकदा एकाकी, निर्जन आणि
तळपत्या उन्हातील असतात .

आजूबाजूला कधी दलदलीचा प्रदेश,
तर कधी हिरवे रान
कुणा एकाचा उत्कर्ष हेरत असतं ,
आखलेल्या रेषांमधून
उत्पातांच्या टिपरीला
एका पायाने लत्ताप्रहार करून ,
तुमची आगेकूच बघून
टाळ्या वाजवत असतं .

आयुष्यात सतत केलेल्या
ह्या परिश्रमाच्या पायपिटीला,
कुणा एका सुरम्य सकाळी
फ़ेसाळ्णार्या लाटांमध्ये
आराम करत
यशाचा सूर्योदय बघण्याची
सुसंधी मिळून जाते …।
 The paths to success,
satisfaction and happiness
in life,
are often
a solitary walk,
amidst obstacles,
in the burning Sun.

You walk on
sometimes by the mangroves
sometimes by the greens
in the woods,
and sometimes
even applauded
as you deftly
kick around
the Tipris of Trouble
hop scotching
amidst the shadow line patterns
in your path.

A life of
so much honest effort,
and one day
you reach amidst the
cool sea waves,
foaming around your feet
in excitement and welcome,
as you lean back, and enjoy
the Sunrise of Success..


  1. Beautiful! Thanks as always for sharing and the other lovely things you do for me!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Evokes lovely visuals!! Thank you!!

  3. Between you and Deepak, you are making me want to be in Velas, as of now! Loved the imagery of the tipris of trouble :)