Saturday, April 18, 2015

Avial Heroes

Unsuspecting innocent folks trying out culinary experiments often get shocked when they suddenly receive a poem  as a comment  on their post.

My friend Ankur Pegu, discovering the joys of simple traditional vegetarian food ,  posted this photograph of some Avial made by him. Although he actually ate it with brown rice , he fantasized about having it with steaming white rice.

And then he apologized about the presentation.   I wanted to let him know, that with such food(of the Gods)  presentation doesn't matter. At all. 

And so I wrote this.

The lady in white
freshly bathed,
steaming impatiently,

and sometimes,
exchanging notes
with a ghee
melting in admiration.

And then the
rustic brinjal hero,
nudging an elderly drumstick,
minding its own,
next to
an agitated cauliflower,
as the
beans and peas junta
keep finding places
and the potato loses itself
in the
Avially paste,
trying to keep
all the heroes under control.

When the movie
is about the
Lady in White
and her Heroes,
the presentation doesn't matter;

Wherever the movie runs,
it is a Superhit....


  1. Ha ha, Suranga! You are a super hit with your word pictures :)