Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Crow and Water.. reloaded...

Mumbai is typically in the throes of a very hot and humid summer.  Some folks , like my friend Deepak Amembal, put out these little bowls of water, firmly anchored in their balconies, for the bird population , that may be thirsty, after flying endlessly through our polluted air. 

Here is a capture  he posted,  as a crow actually stopped by  for a bit of imbibing.

I just wondered what must have gone through the crows mind, at suddenly finding a wide mouthed water bowl.....       :-)


कुणाचं जग अति मोठं झालं
पाण्या ऐवजी तहान

दुसरी कसली तरी लागते ,
हिरवाई हताश पणे गळून पडते
आणि नियमांचे कितीही दगड
एक एक करून टाकले
तरी पाणी वर
साध्या माणसाच्या ओठांशी ,
येत नाही …

एका रम्य गुलाबाच्या
बाल्कनीत ,
डुलणार्या हिरवाईत
कुणा एकाची काकदृष्टी ,
पाण्यानी भरलेल्या ,
व भक्कम पणे उभ्या असलेल्या
जलकुंभावर पडते,
आणि उडून उडून तहानलेला जीव
हर्षभराने पाणि पीउन
वर बघून एक डोळा वाकडा करोन म्हणतो ,
"चला, आता के.जी मधल्या मुलांसाठी
दुसरी कविता करायला मी मोकळा …."
When someone's world
indiscriminately blooms
out of control,
the thirst is often
for something
other than water,
the greens wilt in depression,
no amount of
traditional 'throwing stones'
at anyone or anything
helps the water

rise and reach
the parched throats...

A balcony
wrapped in the fragrance of roses,
and the sharp eyes
of a crow
amidst the green
a welcoming
wide mouthed
firmly anchored
expanse of water.

A throat parched
due to
miles of summer flights
and he happily dips in,
sipping it all,
then realizing something,
and momentarily stopping to say,
" I guess,
they need
to now make a new poem
for the kindergaarten kids ..."

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