Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Orthogonal Minds

My friend Mukta Atrey recently reposted this photograph of the innards of a building , on the campus of IIT Bombay.  This photograph, was originally clicked by Akhil Kapadia and posted on "Know your Bombay".  

  It is not important to know which building, but what comes to mind is a sense of unwavering rigidity.

I have lived here since the time where open green areas exceeded the land occupied by buildings.   40 years.

A closer look indicates this to be a photograph which is part of a "Know your Bombay" series.  

Don't now about "knowing", but ,  now on the wrong side of 60 (mine),  some questions come to mind ...

(photograph by Akhil Kapadia )
Severely Orthogonal
trapped between
ambitious vertical climbs
lateral horizontal moves,
allowing in
Nature's illuminations in
just so.

Did no one get inspired
by the lake,
the trees,
the undulating landscape
to create
a circular winding staircase
to soften those
unrelenting ambitious edges ?

And why is it,
that structures
like hugely tall
community water tanks,
a shared resource,
never climbed
by teachers and learners,
always have spiral staircases ?

Is education
all about
straightening out folks ?

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