Saturday, April 18, 2015

Lawn Lifetimes.....

There cannot be anything more wondrous than walking, early one morning, on a cool wet lawn , strewn with fragrant flowers.

I think my friend Zephyr Nag did just that, and clicked this  photograph.

She made it her cover photo.  

See what I did !

(photo by Zephyr Nag)
Lawn Lifetimes.

A wondrous emergence
amidst a careful
by someone
in empathy with the green.

A coming up
in a dicey world
populated with
mindless machines riding rough shod
cutting others down to size.

A renewed effort,
an awareness
of the ways of the world;
an indulgent sheltering
by trees, shrubs,
a careful conserving
of what little remains,
a mindful growth
in balance
with movers and flitters
of the green.

one day,
an early awakening,
eyes wet with dew,
the beginning of a new life
for the troubled lawn,
amidst the fragrance
of the jasmine
gently applauding
her effort
to face the world.

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  1. You did better than me, Suranga! Thanks for penning the words so beautifully.