Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fanas Security

That isn't the name for a new Security set up.  Fanas means Jackfruit in Marathi. 

Not many folks in Mumbai are blessed with an environment at work, that is not only green, but studded with traditional fruit trees and simian members.

My friend Sudha Ganapathi  had earlier posted a photo of Jackfruits, clutching their mother trees  outside her office window.   This photo, of a monkey trying to investigate, push,  and "spirit" away a jackfruit  is possibly the latest in the jackfruit series.

I know it is difficult for the chap to lug the jackfruit where he can enjoy it in peace. But I admire the fact that he is examining and trying .  

That is research .  

I don't know if he will succeed.  But I hope he gets to taste the fruits of his labour. 

In these little patches
of sylvan
academic green,

some discuss
and maybe securities
within societies.

So many big schemes
start off
and then
slow down and come down
under their own inertia.

I've slogged
the whole morning,
to force
the heavy laden branch
down to the ground
under it own weight.

I must now  

roll this thing away
before they discuss
the repercussions
and do something
to the Food Security Bill.

My food. My Security.
My Jack Fruit.

Bill ? What Bill ?

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