Thursday, April 23, 2015

Gajra Re ......

This photograph of possibly a homemade gajra, was posted by my friend Anita Iyer, who is the Founder, Managing Trustee, and Volunteer-in-Chief of the Ekansh Trust .

Ekansh Trust, is an organization, that works for folks with disabilities, particularly, where their , public awareness, acceptance, sensitization and inclusion is concerned,  and also provides a platform where Equal Opportunity Employers  and folks with disabilities may interact .  Anita, was recently  awarded the World Women Leadership Award in the Super Achiever Category at Mumbai, Taj Land's End in a glittering ceremony on 14th February, 2014. 

I thought this gajra of not so perfect, but immensely fragrant  flowers , had something to say...

A few newborn fresh,
A few with spots,
A few with torn petals,

A few,
older and a bit bent
and shriveled,
some even with
cuts on their stems,
that happened
during a hurried harvesting.

But they know,
that hanging out together
connected by
responsible threads,
empowers them
as so many
vie for them,
in baskets
of the real world....

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