Monday, April 13, 2015

The Spokesman ....

With so many clever folks, doing birdwatching of unusual birds , in the wooded campus, it was odd to see a photograph of the common crow, on a closed gate,  by the lakeside, clicked by a young girl, out for a ride on her bicycle.

As she says , " As I was relaxing near the lake, this guy decided to give me company. In return I clicked his pic ......."

The fellow is clearly  political. He is making a statement of sorts, and performing for the camera.   

Like so many others we see and know.   So hear....hear ...

What shall I crib about ?

Let me count the ways .....

I am the original Akash Putra
now fighting for my rights;
it isn't easy
with the Page 3 Kingfishers,
junta style pigeons
crowding every place,
and Neta vultures and kites
gliding around,
swooping every now and then
on spying something
they simply must have...

The Guava Trees
have special reservations
for the parakeets
and the Babul trees
have been encroached on
by the Weaver Birds.

The sparrows
have impressed someone
so much,
that people research
their disappearance.

I remain,
scavenging a chapati here,
a ball of rice there,
fluttering in frustration
on balcony ledges,
cawing away,
trying to plead my case.

I guess
I need to form
a Political party.

Aam Crow Party .

What did you think ? CID?


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