Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bozoical Aspirations 2015

It isn't easy being a Mumbai's leading blogger dog.  Like Bozo

You keep hearing all kinds of news, as you watch television and peer into the newspaper held by the chronicler of your life, Deepak Amembal.

What an almighty fuss about lions, and tigers.   And some other folks come to mind too .

And then I think,  that I too must get involved.   (I have all the requisite qualifications   I come from a very ordinary background,  and grew up in a very law abiding set up, respecting 2, 3 and 4 wheelers, not to mention bipeds, in a suburb, where politics and power are inseparable. I have mastered selective barking, and internal growling.  Some say, I photograph well, and give statesmanlike intellectual poses).

Makes you think na ?   Hmm.   Ah. Something just came to mind .....

Lions rule the day;
as an Transformer avatar,
in Hanover Messe
and Tiger loyalists
complain and fight
enjoying their own "Save" project;
Cows recall
the time
they were an election symbol,
Olive Ridley turtles
saved from certain infanticide
now grateful ,
that they are in Velas.

The powerful
of the lot,
probably inspired
by the
politics of divisiveness,
planned favoring of some,
and encouraging unbridled stoked passions.

And I sit,
the cool floor calming me,
in my house in Bandra
and ruminate
on what the world has come to,
we simple apolitical fellows
take all these things
in our quadruped stride,
and yet
end up listening
to biped folks
" Gosh,
This place
has really gone to the dogs.."

Hmm. Maybe its time
to ask
for a nomination to someplace
they call the Dog Sabha?