Thursday, April 9, 2015

Closed Doors, Open Eyes....

The folks at "Know Your Bombay"  have a page with interesting photos that highlight Bombay or Mumbai , depending on how you think.  The spirit and quirks of the city do not depend on what you call it.

This wonderful photo, of the closed door, at the International Driving Permit section of the RTO, was clicked at 10.30 am by Akhil Kapadia. The notification on the  wall  next to 139 says that applications are accepted between 10 am and 2 pm.

The closed door probably means one of two things :

1. They've opened a window round the corner, and forgotten to notify.  Or the fellow in charge of telling people has gone for tea.

2.  It represents the ethos of what Bombay/Mumbai has become, and that I need to write something about it.   

(photo by Akhil Kapadia)
So traditional
in Mumbai
(and possibly elsewhere)

to keep eyes wide shut..

Way back,
the RTO-IDP Man
proud of the rules
permanently inscribed
on the cerebral forehead wall,
followed them to a T,
with open doors,
eyes and minds,
when exporting folks.

When you unknowingly
authorize folks
park illegally,
spew sulfur fumes,
overtake from the left,
meander across lanes,
use helmets as bike decoration,
speed at 100kmph,
and sometimes
treat driving as a a sport,
the only option left
is to shut up
or shut down
before you certify.

The forehead
red in anger
and the rusted hinges
at having to bear
this heavy load. ..

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