Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Kachra Re, Kachra Re.....

This has to be a week when trash has been uppermost in mind. Just happened to write a prose post on Trash Cans .

Then I see this photo posted by my friend Deepak Amembal, who recently visited Velas village on the Ratnagiri Coast , and besides the Olive Ridley Turtles, also waxed eloquent on the cleanliness quotient of the village, where the villagers have installed numerous trash cans , along roads leading to the beach, for the benefit of us careless tourist townies, and  ensure that their village is one of the cleanest, and  most ecologically educated .

Just reminded me of something my late mother use to say . "It doesn't matter how big or small your vocation. You must do your best in every piece of work . If you are a sweeper, be an excellent ("first-class")   sweeper. Your work must speak for you . This is no less than an engineer , doctor etc"

Don't know about folks in Mumbai , where the emphasis publicly is on cheating, but clearly someone in Velas was listening.

व्यक्ती कितीही लहान असली
तरी स्वाभिमान महत्वाचा ….
अगदी कचरा पेटीचा  सुद्धा ….

कितीतरीन्ना  उपेक्षेने
इकडे तिकडे टाकून ठेवलेललं असतं,
त्यांच्यावर काय काय खरडलेलं असतं ,
आणि त्यांच्या दिशेने
अनेक लोक कचरा फेकत राहतात
जो कधी आत कधी बाहेर
असा वास करतो अन देतो …

कचर्याच्या राक्षसी गाड्या
आणि रागावलेल्या गायीम्हशी आसपास
भांडणारे कुत्रे
धुमाकूळ घालतात ,
आणि आधीच खचलेली कचरापेटी
आणखीनच औदासीन्यात बुडून जाते .

पण एखाद  गाव असतं ,
इथे ह्या स्वाभिमानी पेट्यान्ना
मानाने वागवलं जातं ,
अनेक मोक्याच्या ठिकाणी त्या उभ्या असतात ,
गावाच्या स्वच्छतेत त्यांचा
लक्षवेधी सहभाग असतो ,
त्यांच्यावर निष्काळजीपणे कच्राफेक
करणार्यांना  समाज दिली जाते ,
कोपर्या कोपर्यावर त्या गर्वाने उभ्या असतात ,
कोणीतरी वेळोवेळी  त्यांच्या आरोग्याकडे
डोळा ठेउन असतं ,
आणि  जराश्या अंतरावर,
कौतुकाने समुद किनार्यावर पुन्हा पुन्हा
येउन गर्दी करणार्या लाटा
कुणा एकाच्या पायाशी थडकून म्हणतात
"टी  व्ही वर
तुम्ही आत्ता आत्ता
अभियाने सुरु केलीत,
पण आमचे आयुष्य  खूप आधीपासूनच
खूप सुंदर आहे ।
आज ह्या पेट्यान्मुळे
आमचं हे वेळसचं घर कसा लक्ख आहे … "
It doesn't matter
if someone calls you a trash can.
Only thinking makes it so.

In the meanwhile,
there is,
in these trashy times,
your self respect..

Some just lying here and there,
with some abusive scratches,
as trash keeps getting flung
some attaining bulls eye,
some falling out
and getting bulls mouth,
as senseless  trash trucks,
fighting dogs,
and assorted cattle
push the poor
trash can
deeper into an
organic rotten smelly depression.

But then sometimes
there is a village,
the trash cans
are the pride of the place,
and stand at corners
doing their bit
for the village,
as those being careless
are given a
piece of a villager's mind.

attended to
by those who brought them there,
and cleaned ,
proudly standing,
broadcasting their
calling to the world.

A little distance away,
some ocean waves,
excitedly rush
and foam in excitement
at some one's feet,
You guys started
Abhiyans on TV
But we've been blessed
a Beautiful Life
for ages;
Thanks to these lovely trash cans,
our House in Velas
simply sparkles
in the Sun...."


  1. Oh, yes, I do agree!! Hope your week is going well!!

  2. True - Everything, even trash cans, carry value. This can be symbolic poems for the so-considered minnows (like daily wage labourers), who play essential part in creation of the society.

    Please visit mine at www.commentaryofheart.blogspot.com and www.amarnathmishra.blogspot.com, which have my writings and poems