Sunday, November 6, 2011


Bozo, appears in a post, by blogger friend Magiceye, titled "...Am loving it (this)...!" Naturally, it has nothing to do with McD , despite the company appropriating that slogan for themselves , for ads in India.

There are many reasons in life when one goes "Ah....!"  And here, it probably has to do with being  (with a new collar), amongst great company, celebrating something.

Read on :-)

(photo by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)
Ah !

Some folks
do that
after eating things
they shouldn't,
and the doctor
shines a torch
and says,
"Do Ah !"......

Some folks
like Lassie
of (Honda City -Carter Rd fame)***
like to pretend
they model for toothpaste
showing the canines
doing an "Ah...."

But I'm just happy
back home from trips,
and gathered
at a party
to celebrate
my master's prize*****
from a competition....

Nothing beats
with your own folks
scratching backs,
ruffling ears,
and saying
"Ah.... I wonder what's for lunch today !"

*** Lassie is a smirking, Page 3 entity, who gets driven in a Honda City, to the Carter Road Promenade, for her daily walks. 

***** Bozo's master was the recent recipient of a winner's prize in a Travel competition. 

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