Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Bird and the Banyan

This a cry from the heart of a red vented bulbul in Bandra East, Mumbai, captured on film and posted as part of the Mumbai daily : ABC Wenesday -P" series, by my blogger friend Magiceye.

Banyan trees are greatly revered in India , by religion and science , both. They are worshipped,  Gods are supposed to be resting on its leaves, and almost each and every part of the tree has medicinal uses. 

The bird , from a height,  must see, what we don't, in Mumbai. Destruction of green, open spaces, gardens, for mindless construction, by unscrupolous builders and politicians, with sick minds.

Maybe we can listen to what it is trying to say....

(photo bt Deepak Amembal magiceye)
Friends, Indians, Countrymen..

Small mouths, Big bites,
But hear me out,
as I am ,
on top
of a clearing
in the
Banyan Foliage.

Torn leaf infrastructure
Bare branches
uncontrolled fruit profusion;
so many tired,
old leaves,
uncared and barely there.

We've so spoilt the air
and water,
I feel it as I fly;
So have we,
messed with
the minds.

The poultice
of the banyan leaf
will heal
abcesses in the mind,
and the
crushed fruit
will cure
the greedy ulcerated brains.

Friends,Indians, Countrymen,
Can we save this tree ?


  1. Great words, wise words and sadly, true words in both our countries.