Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Crustacean Life....

As a pucca vegetarian who cannot stand the smell of seafood , this photo , clicked at the Harnai beach on Maharashtra's beautiful Kokan coast,  and posted on Flickr by blogger friend Magiceye, intrigued me.   Google searches dont smell, and I was amazed to find out that these creatures have blue blood , and  surprise, surprise,  they have something in their DNA that doesnt allow them to age.

They also exhibit a fast , inverse, butterfly swimming stroke, done on their backs, which is used to escape fast from perceived dangers .....sometimes, though, not fast enough...

They also have 10 legs, but are essentially loners, traipsing about on muddy bottoms of oceans and seas, unlike their cousin crabs, who are much more social, aggressive, and occasionally whimsical , in that, they walk sideways . Wah !

Sometimes royal types must learn something from the commoners . Is anyone in Delhi listening ? Sigh. 

(photograph by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)
Blue blooded invertebrates
with a built-in
anti aging DNA,
they wander the oceans,
crawling on half-a-score legs
to hunt and swallow
smaller prey,
an amazing
backward butterfly stroke
to escape
when faced
with marine danger.

when reckless adventure
takes them
close to Kokan beaches,
2 legged  predators
grab them,
boil them,
spice them,
stuff them,
and sallivate
over a great meal..

Thats what you get
being a loner,
unlike Cousin Crab,
who is a fighter,
sometimes smiles
and escapes
walking sideways,
as the Koli predator
zeroes in
on you.........