Monday, November 7, 2011

Running up the life stairs....

Braja Sorenson, blogger friend, Yogini, Photographer, and Author of a soon to be published "Lost and Found in India", has lived in UK/US/NZ, but now lives on the banks of the Ganges, in Mayapur, West Bengal. Her travels in India have taken her to , in this case, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh. This is a click at the Samadhi of a 16th century saint. Posted on her Photoblog, Braja's India. 

The native architecture reminds me of some old Wadas seen in Pune;  old, cool, massive, still going strong, broken steps, arches, wall shelves and all, through which so many generations played,lived and  made it out into a successful world....

(photo by Braja Sorenson) 
Thick mud walls,
witness to
an age,
she would
clutch her slate,
rub her runny nose
with her sleeve
and try
climbing up
the stairs,
on her way
to the small school
(a mile away),
with the help of her hands,
so small were her legs.

So many tough climbs,
some smooth,
some broken,
some patched up,
some studded
with unknowns in
wall recesses
dark with
questionable intent.

She fell,
only to get up again,
and one day,
ran up
the same steps
two at a time.

had opened up for her
and she could see
the light
welcoming her
into the world outside.


  1. Wonderful words as always and they create a whole new meaning to Braja's photo -- which I love! Have a lovely evening!


  2. splendid capture!
    and the tale you tell about it is terrific as always :)