Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bird Reconnaissance or Angry Bird ?

Posted by blogger friend Magiceye, as part of his Mumbai daily : Camera Critters series ,  it would be very instructive to think what must be going through his mind, as he takes a break on an old branch of the banyan tree, (watching the younger birds cleaning up the food below), after having flown around so much.

I know some other folks who fly around too.   Unlike them, this fellow looks disgusted at what he has seen. 

(photo by Deepak Amembal magiceye)
those in power,
who fly at taxpayers expense
pretending to "observe",
I fly all over
by small kids
with bread and chapattis
they don't want.

I've glanced in
through windows,
winged my away
over iron ore mines,
peered into
top secret
from the cupolas
on Raisina Hill,
and 5 star parks
and pools,
sat on statues;
even taken a break
above the Tihar Jail....

I just do my work now,
watching those assigned
to clean the trash

What makes me look the way I do,
wide-eyed, shocked
and disgusted,
is all
that other trash
I saw while flying......


  1. Priceless! Absolutely fits his expression! Have a lovely evening!


  2. The other trash .. there is so much of it around!