Saturday, November 19, 2011

Reaching in Time....

The Kaas plateau in the district of Satara in Maharashtra, is covered with beautiful wildflowers during the monsoon season, and has been a preferred choice of millions of folks, who come to photograph the colors. While 4 wheeler movement may be monitored and controlled,  it is difficult to control those who traipse through the land, unmindful of  what gets crushed below, and leaving depressions in he soil.

Blogger friend Magiceye's attention was drawn away from the flowers, by these beetles, and he posted about it here

He calls them Jewelled Beetles in Kaas. 

Thereby grew an idea.....

(photo by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)
the importance
the auspicious moment,
decreed by
the all pervading
wiry holy  brown  and  red
on the ground,
and blue stars above.

Gangubai Beetle
Yamutai Beetle,
in  nine centimetres of
peacock blue
traditional silk,
hurrying and rushing
to attend
a wedding at
The "Kaas Heritage"
and hoping to reach in time...

They hadnt known
the potholes
and gaps
in their world,
so far
a speciality of Mumbai.

And now
Vasantrao Beetle
has had to rush back
to return
their walking sticks....

Its all those
cars and people
all over Kaas.

I guess they miss their potholes ......