Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Give and Take ?

My blogger friend Harekrishnaji aka Priyadarshan Kale , in between visiting amazingly scenic places in my state and delicious eating places across the state, often helplessly posts pictures of the state of our urban beaches. Crowded, uncared for, and inundated with trash from an uncaring populace, which has no respect, for either the land or the sea, that roars in daily with waves of water, and then kind of slides back with all the dirt....

My friend labelled the picture Give and Take. Yes, we take all the dirt and give it to the sea .....

Some resulting words in Marathi, the King's language & my mother tongue... a rough version in the Queens language follows ....

(photograph by Priyadarshan Kale)
कोणाचं Give आणि कोणाचं Take ,
प्लास्टिक वापर आणि पाण्यात फेक ,
आग्रहाने गडबडीने येतात लाटा ,
कोपर्यातल्या दगडांना सुद्धा मिळतो आपला वाटा,
प्रत्येक लाटेत नवीन फेसाळत पाणी ,
जड पायाने वापस जातं, मुख केविलवाणी ;
ओढत सर्व कचरा , प्लास्टिक नि घाण ,
आमच्या स्वार्थाला नाही काही प्रमाण
वापरा -फेका , काय हे ! येते समुद्राची कीव
शेवटी आमचंच take आणि आमचंच give

Whose is to give, and
whose to take ?

So much plastic ,
for us to use and throw,
and then watch
the ebullient foaming waves,
slide back,
with heavy hearts
and sad minds,
dragging all the dirt
back into the sea.

A selfish people,
we only know
how to take and grab,
and then give it back,
in spades....