Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bharatnatyam in the Forest

Blogger friend and versatile, prolific photographer  Joshi Daniel posted this wonderful photograph from Kallar, Kerala ( one of India's southern most states on the Western Coast).

The region is home to one of India's  several classical dance forms, BharatNatyam.

"The technique of Bharatnatyam consists of Natya, Nritta and Nritya. Natya is the dramatic art which is the language of gestures, poses and mimes. Nritta includes the rhythmic and repetitive elements. The Nritya is a combination of Nritta and Natya. 

The chief musical instruments used in Bharatnatyam are the Mridangam and a pair of Cymbals. The cymbals provide the timing and the Mridangam provides fractional measures of the broad beats. The dancer follows both. A tambura is also used to provide the scale for the refrain. The musical instruments used are Mridangam, Manjira, Vina, Violin, Kanjira, Surpeti, Venu and Tanpura.

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So  it was not terribly surprising to see this amazing tree  in Kallar, Kerala, standing in supreme majesty, in one such pose......

(photograph of tree by Joshi Daniel)
(other courtesy Google )

The Drama of the forest
The Rhythm of the Rain
The Dance of the Wind
as the
Sky trns dark,
and the leaves ,
battle a storm,
before floating away to the ground.

the Cloud Mridangams
and the
Lightening Cymbals;

in step with
the lilting music
of flowing water,
An Invocation
to the Lord of the Skies,
it will soon
be time
for Spring again.......


  1. Loved this! Kudos to ur creativity Suranga :)

  2. Simply superb. appreciate your ability to relate and think creative.

  3. Swaram,Ashok,Leopaw,Seema Thank you , all !