Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Interrupted Dance....

My blogger friend Sandhya, posted this as part of her Wordless Wednesday series.

Clicked in the gardens at Munnar, in the mountains,  it appeared as if these two were really enjoying a decent outing, a huge change from spinning webs in corners of crowded buildings and rooms amidst junk, catching pesky insects, and trying to avoid folks who walk around with brooms.  (I fly on a broom. Check on the left sidebar.  Just saying.)

Sadly, it was not to be.  Bloggers traipsing around with cameras and clicking , is the latest scourge.

Bloggers may be posting Wordlessly on Wednesdays.  The spiders et al must crib all seven days of the week.

(photo by Sandhya)
They emerged
the urban chaos,
into the garden;
simply no privacy
in these days of
expensive housing.

The cool greens,
the dappled sunlight,
smooth petal paths,
and the Spider-rao,
and Spideri-bai
stepped gaily
through the garden
dancing in unision
to the tune
Jai Ho !

But it was not to be.
A smiling lady
with a camera
and clicked.....

And a little caterpillar
lurking behind
a flower,
looked up, and said,
"We need to appoint PROs!
These bloggers !
She clicked me too ...."


  1. that is a beautiful picture... ! I just commented on Sandhya's blog too.. it seems like Spiders at work !!! :D :D

    Jai Ho all the Blog Friendships ! :)

  2. Thank you, Suranga! You have created a different atmosphere for the picture/spiders.

    Did you notice? The left spider's left leg is so long! Looks like a happy couple.

  3. Luv this one :)
    And I loved the header on kaimhanta blog :)

  4. I had forgotten about this photograph, spiders and your poetry on them! Lovely words! Thank you, once again, Suranga! This came in 'memories' in fb.