Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bozoical thoughts on learning...

A suggestion of "winter" in Mumbai, means,  that there is a haze of pollution settling down , closer to the ground.  A change of season, heralds viral infections, and Bozo, Mumbai's only dog-with-his-own-blog ,  has been troubled with a cough and is taking meds.   His old blue throat collar has been thoughtfully replaced now with a wonderful new harness, giving him the freedom to really cough it all out.

Blogger friend Magiceye  who chronicles the Life and Times of Bozo, captures Bozo, in one of his thoughtful moments.

To know just How thoughtful, read on .....

(photopraph by Deepak Amembal magiceye)
I'd lie at the feet
of the young fellow
of the house
when he did his school homework;
Drew maps.
Did sums,
Filled in the blanks,
and sometimes ,
"Gave reasons", in Science.

Why you must cover your mouth
when you cough.

And I learned.

While the new harness
making me feel
very smart,
has taken
a load
off my inflamed throat,
I still remember
the lessons....

I can't cover my mouth;
and so
instead of
coughing around,
I lie down in one place
and keep away.

 I wish
those who 

wander around
blowing  smoke
through their nostrils
and mouths
would remember that.....


  1. Poor Bozo- hope he gets well soon!

  2. Beautiful! And I know Bozo loves it!


  3. Really, I hope too that they remember that. Bozo is smart to learn all those lessons :D