Monday, November 28, 2011

A thappad life....

Blogger friend and prolific photographer Joshi Daniel, posted this amazing portrait titled "Hidden Wrath" in his photoblog section , Joshi Daniel Photography | Images of People. 

No one writes about these people, while the papers go ballistic about someone receiving a thappad ***  in the Capital, and a procrastinating Parliament meets just to protest the slap.

A very evocative portrait. A sign of the times. 

(photo by Joshi Daniel)
My land
undervalued and bought
for an SEZ****;
my soil
awash with thorium,
from the nuclear power plant
we didnt want;
my family,
some lost to emigration
to overcrowded cities,
some to health;

Every day,
I bend more
and die a little,
as the cataract blinds,
and the ear tires
of lies, untruths
and false promises,
being cheated
by relentless middlemen
also known as MP's
to represent me.

I've received the biggest thappad***
of my life,
slowly over the years
from those who
purport to rule;
and they go Tsk Tsk
about the one who got it
in Delhi....

**** SEZ   ~   Special Economic Zone set up by government for industry after acquisition on land, mostly from small farmers
*** thappad ~ slap

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