Thursday, November 3, 2011

Green Dignity.....

Blogger friend, prolific travel writer, birder, and photographer, Lakshmi Sharath, recently visited Corbett National Park along with a like minded group , on a trip invitation from Club Mahindra.

She posted this amazing picture of a tree, standing bare and by itself, right in the midst of a profusion of green all around. Evocative, and more so in greys....

Sometimes, Nature has an uncanny way of reflecting life, as we prefer, not to see..... but are eventually forced to see. 

 (photograph by Lakshmi Sharath)

No green silk
amidst orange hues,
fruits long gone,
now admired
on others' hips,
and a wistful look
as the birds
bypass her
to ensconce themselves
in nests
lost amidst
the abundant
overpowering green.

No fat
just bones,
and barest of skin;
but she stands
as straight as she can,
in the evening of her life,
her own Gayatri Mantra
to a rising Sun.

but proud in the woods,

The story
of so many seniors
standing tall
in the evening of life....