Monday, November 21, 2011

Beholding : Ruler or Winner ?

Blogger friend Joshi Daniel posted this amazing photograph in his photoblog Joshi Daniel Photography : Images of People.

He calls it "Rising beyond Perception", labelling it a Self Portrait ! 

Everyone will possibly see  different things in this photo, based on what your neurons and synapses are wired to see.  What you see is what they (the neurons)  remember from earlier views...

Don't know what it says about my neurons and synapses, but read on :-)

(photograph by Joshi Daniel)
Two perceptions
one individual.

Happens all the time.
Read the papers...

a tough body
with a Garuda face;
beady wide set eyes,
polished beak,
curved in power;
an expansive forehead
bald in the end,
that appear
to be ready to flap
in muscularity.

The other,
an athlete swimmer,
in old-style speedos
head thrown back,
water lapping at the ears,
floating effortlessly
On his back
a record breaking sprint,
the Adam's apple
as his breath stabilizes...

One a high flyer,
of all he surveys,
the other a slogger,
but winner.

Like I said,
two perceptions,
one individual....

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