Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bozoical contemplations on health....

If dogs had Email and were on FB and Twitter, maybe there would have been so many comments by now, from his admirers like Sam, Lindy and Joe across the world. 

But Bozo, Mumbai's only Dog-with-his-own-Blog, has been a bit under the weather, coughing, and having to take unpleasant medicines. Maybe , its the Mumbai pollution, maybe its the surprising  fall in temperatures,  maybe , even some wild gluttony when out with his friends....

Like a typical Mumbaikar, he always ignores the bad, and concentrates on the good.

Of course , the comments still keep happening;  as well as photos and , of course, poems.

As below :-)

(photograph by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)

Snuggled near his feet
near the sofa,
someone scratching my neck
and rubbing my back,
I sometimes think
this way
the meds work faster :-).

No wonder I head someone say,
Bozo looks gaunt
and tired.

It's the
yucky meds
mess up my stomach,
and keep me away from
eating well.

I don't mind the "gaunt";
makes me look
like Akshay Kumar
Ajay Devgun.

But I must get well soon
and start my walks
with Deepak.

I hear Lassie's
sensible cousin
has moved into
the neighborhood......


  1. We all hope Bozo is feeling better soon! He's my favorite blogger and a real inspiration!

    Sam Schnauzer

  2. Aww.. I hope Bozo gets better soon :)
    Woofs and excited yelps from Luci :)

  3. Aww!! I hope he feels fine again soon!!