Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lament of a senior crocodile

Blogger friend Ganesh Balaraman, posted this photo  from a trip to the Hogenakkal Falls in Karnataka (a state in southern part of India). The place boasts of a Rehabilitation Center for Crocodiles.

Some thoughts on geriatrics, rehabilitation,  evening-of-life and so on, were inevitable.....

(photo by Ganesh Balaraman)
of a nuclear world.

Nuclear arms,
nuclear families,
nuclear emissions....
all messing around
what was once
a peaceful
happy life
on the banks
of the lake.

big fish,
ducks, sea gulls,
an occasional crow
enjoying our backs,
as we sunned ourselves
on a jutting rock.

Thanks to the
industrial effluents
and construction silt,
the children
have all gone
and we mourn
the Empty Lake Syndrome,
as we
now spend
our last days,
with each other,
being rehabilitated
at the centre in Hoggenakal.......


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  1. sad .. wonder what we humans are doing to this mother earht and the beings on it