Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bozoical Need-for-Speed

You never know what living in Bandra, the queen of the Mumbai Suburbs, home to so many of the Bollywood types, does, to someone like Bozo, Mumbai's only dog-with-his-own-blog. 

He has been lying a bit low for a while,  as per his doc's suggestion, resting, taking some meds and generally observing things around him.   The recent unusual cool weather (now incidentally gone), was a boon , and Bozo did some short walks around the building.

Sometimes, he too gets inspired  by watching this . So he came back an tried out something.  He pressed some button. And instead, heard this song . And danced. 

And his mentor and activity-chronicler, Magiceye simply couldn't click him fast enough.  And got this picture , slightly blurred..

Magiceye thinks it's the camera limitation.  Shutter Speed.  Bozo thinks it's some fluid in Magiceye's eyes....... 

I am illiterate
because I cannot read and write;
but I am educated
I learn from experience,
I hear carefully
when the doctor tells Deepak
something about me,
and I peer over his shoulder
he looks at the
Health and Fitness page on FB.

And so for a longish time,
I took my meds,
ate healthy meals,
and took adequate rest
physically and mentally too.

I also notice things.

Like when he goes to a place,
stands on something,
presses a button,
and instead of him,
the road moves,
sometimes faster and faster.

They dont let me come in there,
so I thought
I'd try this out
at home.

Except when I pressed a button,
a song
called Dhinkachika
came on,
and I ran all over to see who was singing.

the road didnt move.

I did,
To the beat. 

And although
they tried to click me,
for once,
I beat the black contraption,
by speeding up.

I must rest now.
It doesn't help
to get so competitive
in my old age.....


  1. I love it!! And Sam is so empathetic -- being an old soul/dog as well!! Hope you and your wonderful friends -- two and four legged have a wonderful weekend!

    Sylvia and Sam Schnauzer

    1. Sylvia, Thank you ! Did you hear the song ? Its a nonsense type thing from what they say is a recent hit :-)

  2. I am sure one day I will queue up for "A Bozoical Life", the biography of a canine sage by Suranga.